Associated Technical Sales-West

RF/Microwave/Lightwave Components and Equipment

ATS-West Company - A Manufacturers' Electronics Sales Representative Firm

The original Associated Technical Sales, LLC. was founded in 2005 by three seasoned engineers/managers in the RF/Microwave field. Proven over the years to be true to their stated objective: to provide excellent technical representation in the RF/Microwave, mmWave, and Lightwave markets in Southern California. While two of the original partners have retired, Tom Ritacco and associates have continued this mission under the ATS-West Company banner.

Norden Millimeter

500MHz up to 110GHz components: Low Noise Block Downconverters, Frequency Multipliers, Frequency Converters including up/down converters, Transceivers, mm-Wave Block down-converters, Custom Integrated Assemblies for Commercial, Military, and Scientific applications. Latest introdution is a 3U 2-18GHz transceiver with a 1GHz IF including internal LO’s.

Micro Lambda Wireless, Inc.

YIG Based Products include Broadband Oscillators, Filters - Bandpass and Bandreject, Multipliers, Frequency Synthesizers. Microwave Tunable Lab Filters and Frequency sources. VCO-based broadband frequency synthesizers with a wide tuning range of 50MHz to 21GHz.

Paricon Technologies Corp.

Anisotropic conductive elastomeric material technology making possible separable interconnecting solutions. The Pariposer material is used for device test, board-to-board interconnect, etc. DC to above 60GHz. Products include test sockets, engineered contactors, space transformers.

Agile Microwave Technology

Microwave frequency active components including low noise ampliers, High Power Ampliers, Multipliers, Limiters & Switches. Also capability for RF/Microwave Packaging, RF/Microwave integrated modules, Image Reject Mixers.

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